HoT Press: World Bride Magazine

HoT Press: World Bride Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Haus of Topper Riri Drop Crystal Earrings were shot in the Fall issue of World Bride Magazine styled by Rashida Meggett (@iamstylenyc), Fashion Editor Carlton Jones (@carltonjones212) and photographed by Christopher Kolk (@christopherkolk).

world bride magazine


Publication: World Bride Magazine

Story: Late Night Early Morning

Issue: Fall Issue

Brands: Haus of Topper (pg. 71)

About: "World Bride Magazine (WBM) is positioned as the premier multicultural and multiethnic global lifestyle bridal magazine for the woman who has not only a palette for life’s pleasures but also the discerning taste and disposable income to make luxury purchases set by her own standards. The WBM woman isn’t sitting around with a dowry, waiting to be rescued by her prince charming. Conversely, she seeks a mate who complements her accomplished lifestyle—educated, cultured, traveled, confident and bold.
World Bride Magazine provides informative editorial content that seeks to motivate a “thinking outside of the box” approach that prepares a woman not just for the wedding day and the honeymoon… but also for the voyage beyond. Whether this is the bride-to-be’s first, second or third trip down the aisle, each issue also provides diverse essential pearls of wisdom that offer advice from financial planning starting with the engagement and wedding dossier to blended families, living arrangements, personal spirituality, health and wellness.

The betrothed—or any woman seeking enlightenment on luxury brands and services to complement her quality of life—now has a new source. WBM offers insight to various cultures and available resources around the world. Our goal is to present a kaleidoscope of beauty and information on various brands, products and services to enhance your exposure to the elegant, luxurious and diverse world that exists in the bridal industry. Nuptials Around the World… Living, Culture & Beyond. "

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