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HoT Icon Interview Series- Danielle Buchma

HoT Icon Interview Series- Danielle Buchma

I am really excited to launch our newest interview series highlighting some amazing people, fans of Haus of Topper or as we call them, HoT Icons. Our Icons are so important to the existence of Haus of Topper, they are who HoT represents through our jewelry and strives to please with beautiful accessories. 

Our First HoT Icon we are honored to also call a friend, is Danielle Buchma. A true style star, charming, Intelligent and beautiful, both in and out. She is a true HoT Icon. Check out our interview below!

Danielle Buchma

HoT: What do you do?

DB: I'm primarily a homemaker for my husband since he puts in enough hours at his job for both us. So I guess you could say I'm a personal assistant, private chef, live-in maid and domestic expert. But I'm also a marathoner, cyclist and yogi -- NYC is a great place to be physically active!

HoT: Reside?

DB: 23rd floor apartment on Manhattan's upper east side.

HoT: Original from?

DB: Hanover, Pennsylvania. Not so much going on there, but it was a quaint place to grow up.

HoT: What or who inspires you? 

DB: I'm very inspired by anyone who dances to the beat of their own drum and isn't afraid to show who they are to the world, even at the risk of being rejected by an audience. I have people-pleasing tendencies, and I don't want them to overpower who I really am. Bernie Sanders, Prince, Oprah, Cher --- people of this caliber come to mind!

HoT: What is something every woman should have in her jewelry box?

DB: Every woman needs some type of shiny stud earring in her collection. Whether they're made from diamonds or just plain metal, they can spruce up just about any outfit, and are great for when you need to transition quickly between work, workout and social functions. 

HoT: What's your favorite brunch spot in the New York City area?

DB: This question is a tough one, as I don't eat out often, but you can't beat the fried chicken and waffles or the brunch burger at The Penrose on 2nd Avenue.

HoT: Dream destination for a holiday?

DB: I have been begging my husband for years to take me to Finland during the month of June so we can cycle the archipelago trail, but I'd also be happy doing a food tour of Georgia and Azerbaijan. 

HoT: What makes you happiest?

DB: I'm happiest when I'm laughing with my closest friends! Nothing compares to a shared belly laugh with someone who knows your lifelong history and what makes you tick. 

HoT: What is the first thing you do when you get home at night?

DB: Well, since I take hot yoga class almost every day at 4pm, the first thing I do when I come home is take a shower. Non-negotiable!  

HoT: Who is your favorite musician?

DB: Prince! I'll never be able to hear his songs enough during my lifetime.  

HoT: explain your style in 3 words

DB: Edgy, striking, modern.

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