HoT Icon Interview Series: Logan Carter

HoT Icon Interview Series: Logan Carter

As part of our on going interview series, HoT Icons, were we feature beautiful and sexy individuals that embody the true spirit of Haus of Topper. This week we are honored to having the beautiful, intelligent and talented Logan Carter giving us a glimpse into her world. Read all about it below!

Logan Carter in the Haus of Topper Icon interview series

HoT: What do you do?

  LC: Exist with grace and appreciation at this blessing called life.  Also, make art.

HoT: Reside?

  LC: Harlem, USA

HoT: Originally from?

  LC: 80th and Columbus

HoT: Who or what inspires you?

  LC: Its rare that my eyes don't well with tears at random acts of kindness from those with "nothing".  Seeing anyone from any walk of life be able to act in a selfless, giving manner truly fills me with overwhelming love and inspiration.  

HoT: What is something every woman should have in their jewelry box?

  LC: An heirloom.  Not necessarily anything expensive, but something passed down through generations that could be altered into a personalized item.  I have a handful of rings from a grandmother that someday will be turned into a unique custom piece, either for myself or my "step children".  Also, something with black leather (I'm a fan of old-school punk rock studded cuffs).

HoT: Favorite brunch spot?

  LC: I'm not a huge bruncher!  Wine and tapas, every damn day.  I remember going to ESSEX in like the early 2000s? And it was like SO hip and sexy...

HoT: Dream destination for a holiday?


HoT: What makes you happiest?

  LC: Feeling appreciated.  In anyway.

HoT: First thing when you get home at night?

  LC: Where's my corkscrew?

HoT: Favorite Musician?

  LC: Thats such an unfair question.  ALL OF THEM. 

HoT: Explain your style:

  LC: black. minimal. timid.  


Stop over on Instagram to see a bit more into her world. @locaredux

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