HoT Press: Double Magazine Spring Issue 33

HoT Press: Double Magazine Spring Issue 33
We are pleased to announce that multiple Haus of Topper items were shot in the Spring issue 33 of Double Magazine (@double_magazine) shot by photographer Brianna Capozzi (@briannalcapozzi) and styled by Haley Wollens (@haleywollens). 
Haus of Topper tassel earring sin Double magazine
Haus of Topper crystal earrings in Double magazine
Publication: Double Magazine (@double_magazine)
Issue: Double 33 - The Ingredients
Story: Jamilla
Brand: Haus of Topper (2 clip)
About: "What I really like about Double magazine is the way this magazine deals with what it really loves, not only about the last news or last trends but mixing with news from the past. I mean we always try to mix energy that cannot disappear according to us and that could fit with the most relevant from today. An example? Never forget Paddy McAloon when you want to talk about pop music in England today ; never forget the designer Bob Mackie when you want to talk about the spectacular way of shows today. " – Fabrice Paineau"

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