HoT Press: The Tenth Magazine

HoT Press: The Tenth Magazine
We are pleased to announce that the Haus of Topper hand harness was shot in the The Technology Issue (Vol. 4) of The Tenth Magazine (@thetenthzine) styled by Prentiss Anderson (@theonlyprentiss) and photographed by Khary Septh.
Haus of Topper hand harness featured in Tenth Magazine
Publication:  The Tenth Magazine 
Issue: The Technology Issue (Vol. 4)
Story: Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind
Brands: Haus of Topper (1 credit)
About: "Where a mainstream fashion magazine might do a special "black issue," like Italian Vogue back in 2008, or a black lifestyle magazine might run a queer feature, the perspective of queer black folks tends to occupy occasional outskirts in fashion and lifestyle glossies, never the mainstay.

The Tenth, a new print magazine by and for queer black men, now on its third issue, wants to help change that, at least from the POV of its founders. Its name is inspired by two sources: W.E.B. DuBois' early 20th-century concept of the Talented Tenth, a vanguard group of exceptionally gifted black people who would elevate the community as a whole, and the voguing practice of "getting your tens" — earning a perfect score from the judges at a ballroom competition.

Like its inspirations, The Tenth shows off queer black greatness across a wide variety of fields, ranging from interviews with new literary lions like Saeed Jones and Brontez Purnell to under-recognized but influential historical figures like photographer Alvin Baltrop and musician Robert Brewster."

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