It Takes An Army Interview Series: Adam Shelton Cagle Edition

It Takes An Army Interview Series: Adam Shelton Cagle Edition
This week we continue our "It Takes an Army" interview series with one of our closest, most talented friends, Adam Shelton Cagle. A unique talent that is an absolutely pleasure to work with and an inspiration.
Adam Shelton Cagle
Make-up Artist
HoT: What inspires you? 
ASC: I find inspiration in a story. It can be simple or grand but I find a good story can create and inspire any kind of mood.
HoT: What do you do and what do you love about what you do? 
ASC: I am a make up artist. The best part of my job is the transformation and everyday is something different.
  adam shelton make up 
HoT: What is your favorite piece from the Paradise collection and why? 
ASC: With out a doubt and a true statement piece it is the Iridescent Sunburst, its graphic strong and sexy.
HoT: What's your favorite brunch spot in the New York City area (nyc, Brooklyn, queens, etc)
ASC: My favorite brunch spot is where ever my friends are it also helps if it's bottomless and outdoors.
HoT: For a real vacation, there is no place like? and why?
ASC: Positano its beach and mountains with a chic city vibe.
HoT: When did you realize/fall in love with what you do and decided to pursue it?
ASC: I realized I loved what I do from being in theater for years I always had a passion for make up and costume. I decided to pursue it after watching Jim Henson's Labyrinth for the one thousandth time!
HoT: Its NYC, everyone has something they do on the side that they are passionate about---- whether a hobby, art, etc etc. What is that for you? 
ASC: I like to paint! Not a face, canvas.
HoT: What would your dream project be?
ASC: Designing the make up for the 5th Element sequal if that ever happens!
HoT: If you could live in another era of Fashion, what would it be
ASC: The 1920's in the French Riviera
HoT: Explain your style in 3 words
ASC: Comfortable, Classic, Elegance 
Check out more of his work and for bookings:

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