It Takes An Army Interview Series: Katy Albright

It Takes An Army Interview Series: Katy Albright

We are so excited to continue our "It Takes an Army" interview series with Katy Albright. Katy worked with us in creating the magic for the recent collection, Requiem.

Not only is Katy ridiculously talented, she is a gem to work with--- sweet, professional and fun to be around. On top of all of that she is also a model! Extreme talent, brains, amazing personality & beauty---- She has star written all over her. Check out our interview with her below!

Katy Albright black and white photography

HoT: What inspires you? 

  KA: I'm always being inspired by many different forms of creative outlets, other artists, nature, social interactions, architecture, colors, shapes, beautiful souls & faces. 

HoT: What do you do and what do you love about what you do? 

  KA: I am a Hairstylist & Makeup artist. I love being able to create art working with people's personalities and creative visions. I love my job and couldn't ask for a better way to express myself and make money at the same time! 

Katy Albright eye make-up art

HoT: What is your favorite piece from the Requiem collection and why? (You know I had to through something about HoT in there)

  KA: I love the feather earrings! They are so fun and different! 


HoT: What's your favorite brunch spot in the New York City area (nyc, Brooklyn, queens, etc)

  KA: This is a tough one!! I love Montana Trail House or Forrest Point in Bushwick!

HoT: For a real vacation, there is no place like? and why?

   KA: Belize! I love to scuba dive and relax on a beach with a marg in my hand! Also, the locals are super friendly 

 HoT: When did you realize/fall in love with what you do and decided to pursue it?

   KA: I was 17 when I started beauty school. Ever since I can remember I've been cutting my own hair (sorry mom) and doing all my friends hair in school. I struggled trying to figure out what I wanted to do in high school & I didn't think I wanted to go to collage. It wasn't until my mom suggested Cosmetology school that my world had completely changed for the better & I never looked back.

Katy Albright make-up work


HoT: Its NYC, everyone has something they do on the side that they are passionate about---- whether a hobby, art, etc etc. What is that for you? 

   KA: Unfortunately, I don't horseback ride in New York, but I have an Arabian that lives in NC. I got him when I was 13 & he was only 5 years old. I go home quite often to see him, but I miss him dearly! I also love to scuba dive when given the opportunity 

HoT: What would your dream project be?

   KA: My dream project- that's tough & I think I'm still trying to decide what that looks like for me. I just want to work with other creatives that share a vision & want to make the beauty industry a better & more diverse place.

 HoT: If you could live in another era of Fashion, what would it be

   KA: I recently started watching "Outlander" and I'm loving 18th century Scottish fashion. It's so fascinating to see all the beauty trends! The rouge, corsets, big hair, etc.

HoT: Explain your style in 3 words

  KA: Comfortable, classic, bohemian 


Check out more of Katy's work over at and give her a follow over on Instagram @katyalbright


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