HoT Press: Spirit & Flesh Magazine

HoT Press: Spirit & Flesh Magazine
I'm pleased to announce that the Haus of Topper disco earrings were shot in October Issue of Spirit & Flesh Magazine (@spiritandflesh) by stylist Christopher Quarterman (@christopherquarterman) photographed by Evan Lee (@evanleeevanlee).
Haus of Topper disco chandelier earring in Spirit & Flesh Magazine
Story: Unbearable Brightness of Being
Brand: Haus of Topper(1 clip)
About: "Spirit & Flesh Magazine intends to show both sides of creativity – the glossy surface, and what lies beneath. We cover the masters, uncover new talent, and help to place them in historical context through freedom of expression, interviews, imagery, videos and more.

Spirit & Flesh online is a fast growing interactive platform and a destination with dynamic content created exclusively for Spirit & Flesh."

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